S.T.R.I.T. – Łukasz Mierzwa

Łukasz Mierzwa aka S.T.R.I.T. comes from Reda, Poland. From his childhood interested in music. Inspired a lot by sounds that evokes emotions. He loves long beautiful melodies and sound of real instruments . Since 2009 he regularly plays in many Polish clubs. His sets were also presented by some of the biggest radio stations in the world. As a producer got one official EP in discography courtesy of Colombian label Melodic Records. His sets are carefully chosen selection of tracks that allow a moment of reflection.Member of the Electronic Tree .
In 2015, joins Insomniafm and HouseRadio family with a monthly radio show called Time Emotions – the combination of progressive House beats combined with melodic influences make show unique pushing cutting edge sounds alongside a consistency of vision and purpose rare in the ever-changing world of dance music.

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