BTL – Since his early childhood in Poland, records were his favorite toys. His father interest in music has played a great role on the growth of his love for music. He has been spinning the best tunes since 2004, he always put on an incredibly energetic, passionate, and memorable show,and he is always creating an atmosphere that just gets people’s feet moving on the dancefloor until dawn ! He is playing Funky, Disco, French House and sometimes very often Uplifting Trance, so his style of music can cater to any crowd, while always keeping a theme of wicked funky beatz. His love for the music motivates him and keeps him moving with a grin on his face looking over a crowded going insane… “It’s extremely fascinating that you can change a person’s state of mind through music. You can take people along in an illusion, to a universe of energy and positive vibes of solidarity. People that go to a party separately become a unity, like a rainbow. The interaction of the grooves, the positive vibes and the people, could possibly lead to a peaceful society. Even if it’s just for a little while. This continues to inspire me.”

And don’t forget – Wicked Funky House will be always doing the floor massive damage !


Booking: 507-043-085 Polish and English. Full 12″ Mix.

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