DYMY: Amor Satyr

DYMY: Amor Satyr
Piątek, 25 listopada 2022
godz: 23:00


Stanisława Taczaka 10, Poznań

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Nasze najbliższe spotkanie będą charakteryzować inspiracje latynoskimi i tribalowymi rytmami, opakowane futurystycznym stylem, a to głównie za sprawą naszego gościa, francuskiego producenta i DJ’a ukrywającego się pod pseudonimem Amor Satyr.
This time we have the pleasure of presenting an artist who, in our opinion, redefines the perception of dance music. Our main guest is a producer whose works are one of the most characteristic we have heard. Amor Satyr is a French artist whose compositions and sets are an explosive blend of boldness and innovation. His music is inspired by genres like rave, tribal, techno and jungle, and they are enriched with more liberal rhythms like juke, baile funk, dembow & bass, and in our opinion, the latter are what create this very unique crazy tribal vibe. He admits that his musical career is driven by only one goal – to give the audience a wild, vibrant dance. In addition to his solo career, he and his friend Siu Mata also have their duo project Sexapil. They also run their own label, Wajang.
Together with our French guest we invite one of the most interesting crews in Poland, Portal Collective from Wroclaw. We find that our approaches to music are very similar and we are extremely excited to share the stage with them. We will be also joined by the local heroes, almighty KOREA, performing at the bar stage. This event is a chapter one of what will be a weekend doubleheader as on the day after the whole squad is going to perform again in Cialo in Wroclaw.
➡️ Amor Satyr (Wajang)
➡️ Atari Baby (Portal)
➡️ Nils Olav (Portal)
➡️ 𝐊𝐎𝐑𝐄𝐀 (Schron)
➡️ pārkōur — OLGA & Luca Novicci (DYMY, Schron)
➡️ Sournois (Wyspa Tamka, Portal)
30 PLN / 40 PLN