Expedition x We Are Radar w/ Exhausted Modern aka Oblaka

Expedition x We Are Radar w/ Exhausted Modern aka Oblaka
Sobota, 09 grudnia 2023
godz: 22:30

Szpitalna 1

Szpitalna 1, Kraków

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After a great night a few months ago, Radar and Expediation join forces again for an event at Szpitalna 1.
For this night we invite Ladislav Zensor (Exhausted Modern, Oblaka) a Czech musician and sound designer, who expermate with sound and genres. His dj set as well as live performances are always a great adventure through different sounds. He released music at such labels like Endless Illusion, Veyl, Brkntoys and more.
With him you will hear Radar and Expedition crew on both dancefloors in the club.
Exhausted Modern aka Oblaka (LTE records, Veyl, Brokntoys, Ankali)
Badalian (Expedition)
Chino (Radar, Pinkman, Syntetyk)
Kinzo Chrome (Radar)
Kondrat (Wulkan, Expedition)
Olivia (Radar, Pinkman, Dalmata Daniel, Dom Trojga)


Ladislav Zensor (Exhausted Modern, Oblaka) is a Czech musician and sound designer. His interest in music dates back to the early 2000s when he fell under the spell of illegal rave parties during their golden age in the Czech Republic. After a number of years of experimenting with DJing, music production, and street art, his primary focus shifted to music in 2007. In 2011, he spearheaded the Endless Illusion record label, releasing music from underground artists based in the Czech Republic and beyond, putting on regular events, and gaining international recognition. After a decade in existence, he brought the label to a timely close in 2021 and joined forces with the new LTE records project. Ladislav is a prolific producer, releasing music on the likes of Brokntoys and Veyl, has presented his live set at Lunchmeat festival and in countries across Europe, and is a resident of Ankali, Prague’s reigning night club for electronic music. Also known as Layup, Exhausted Modern, and Oblaka, Ladislav has used different monikers to explore and transform his style of production throughout his music career. He’s now trying his hand at commercial and theatrical work and is collaborating with the contemporary dance group 420PEOPLE and visual art studio Lunchmeat.

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